RADM Wray’s Pointers on Career Management

RADM Wray, the senior RC SWO also provided his input to “Be Your Own Kind of SWO”
  • Seek hard jobs and do well
  • Get a mentor or two. Be a mentor
  • Key in on 1 or 2 of the 4 primary career paths.  Include OLW if possible (he’s kicking the podium, here…pay attention)
  • Get your JPME done early
  • Whenever possible get NOBC’s and AQD’s
  • Command as early and as often as possible
  • Serve on Boards.  First as a staffer then as a member
  • Do worthwhile MOB’s if possible. But perform and standout
  • Break out in a pack. Soft Breakouts work too
  • Serve on a policy board.
  • Master the art and science of FITREPs
  • Add value all the time. Ask your boss: how can I add more?
  • Study your craft. Read books, Proceedings, Navy Times. Be Fluent
  • Pace yourself.  Maintain balance between Navy, work and family.
The comment that we should “be our own kind of SWO” speaks to the flexible nature and needs of the individuals that make up the SRC.  Not everyone will want to do everything that’s required to make O-6, and that’s ok. Individuals need to factor in their families, civilian employees, etc.  Life balance remains the cornerstone required to have a successful career. At whatever level you decide to participate, you can still contribute value to the Navy and receive a fulfilling experience while serving.

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