Quick and Dirty: Joint Qualified Officer

What is JQO and why do you care?  Joint Qualified Officers are the becoming the requirement to continue to progress into senior leadership in the United States Navy. JQO certification is the process by which an officer develops familiarity and integration with other branches of the United States Armed Forces. 

The Reserves has roughly 300 billets on the joint duty assignment list (JDAL). There are two types of joint duty: standard (S-JDA) and experience based (E-JDA).  You must serve in a JDA billet for 2 years to accrue any credit towards qualification.  Tours failing to meet the two year minimum may be accredited with the E-JDA process.  More information is available on the PERS webpage.

Level II JQO
    • JPME I
    • Minimum of 12 points must come from joint experience
    • 6 points joint training exercises or other education
    • OR Full Joint Tour and JPME Phase Id


    • JPME II or AJPME
    • 36 points of joint credit
    • Certificate by the SECDEF
      • Minimum of 24 points must come from joint experience
      • Max of 12 points come from training, exercises and other education
      • Formal Designatino as JQO
      • JQO is required for appointment to O-7

S-JDA Process

  1. Selected for Joint Assignment in Apply
  2. Member submits documents for each year points for certification.
  3. After assignment, member verifies the points.

AQD Codes:
JS1: Full JOME
JS2: Full Joint Tour Credit
JS4: Joint Qual II
JS5: Joint Qual III/JQO
JSA: AJPME Graduate

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