The Citizen Sailor was founded in 2013 by then LCDR Erik Wignes and then LT Trevor Knight as a way to provide a how-to guide of our lessons learned for life in the Navy Reserve.  We’ve made a lot of mistakes. The Citizen Sailor is our lessons learned after action report.  Read and heed.

Founded by Memphians, The Citizen Sailor is a part of a multi-pronged strategy encompassed by the Memphis Masterworks, LLC constellation of projects.  These projects are a combined effort to promote the Military Community in Memphis, TN and establish a beach head for successful military hiring and veteran assimilation in the Memphis metropolitan area.

Other Projects Include:

Memphis Like a Local: You aint from around here are you? Having parachuted alone and unafraid into strange and foreign lands, we thought it would be helpful to provide a resource to the new folks about whats good in town.  This is the local Memphian’s curated guide to the good restaurants and services in the Memphis area.  No nonsense, no paid advertising. Written anonymously by locals who are not in the travel or advertising industry.  These are places that we go and spend our money.  Businesses that we have an interest in are openly identified with a Charlie Sierra tag.

Memphis Military Network: The hub for active duty, reserves and veterans of all services in the Memphis area to interact, share job information, trade tips and promote their businesses and causes.

Memphis Millwork: Commercial Architectural Millwork and Custom Carpentry in Memphis, TN.  Trevor Knight is the president and is always looking for good project managers, autocad and microvellum draftsmen, and carpenters who want to build the most unique landmarks in the Memphis landscape.  Our motto is “Together, We Build Cathedrals,” and since 1989 Memphis Millwork has been a part of the biggest and most complex construction projects in the Mid-South.